IBM, JP Morgan & Chase, GE Plastics: I have worked with all of these companies and aspire to work with more like them.

Data security, ERP implementation, advising boards of Directors and Executives: these are the technical operations I undertake as an expert consultant.

With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, I regularly hit revenue targets of $150 million in my current role and have made savings of $1.4 million for the business, with similar achievements elsewhere in the working world.

I have dozens of skills, many other university qualifications (both studied full-time and professionally obtained). I have proved time and again to be one of the best professionals in my field, at my level.

Under my belt is more than just 26 years of experience and technical skills in my mind. I also have business acumen and intellectual strength. I have a pure passion for the technology industry.

I have managed 7000+ consultants to deliver increased customer satisfaction rates and regularly lead large teams on international projects in the banking sector, retail, app development and much more.

Why pick me to consult for your company? I have a proven track record with other companies. Hire me and you will find out exactly what I can do for you. Contact me for further details.

  • Over 25 years of IT leadership experience as a CIO, VP, Sr. Director, Director, and Technical Manager
  • Accomplished in developing technical teams, hiring top technical talent, and maximizing group performance.
  • Demonstrated skills include enterprise-wide strategic planning, technology best practices, operational technology deployment, process improvement, and team building, among other areas.
  • Experienced application developer and project manager involved with large project teams and very large clients, e.g., JP Morgan Chase, DHL, General Electric, IBM, and others.
  • Forward thinking executive with exceptional leadership skills, strategic thinking competence, and business partnering capabilities to facilitate positive change and ensure on-target projects.
  • Insightful, flexible professional with the capacity to understand tough challenges and foster cross-functional collaboration across the enterprise to optimize business results.
  • Visionary; keeps abreast of emerging technologies and the latest innovations.
  • Experienced, strategic, IT Executive, with proven ability to deliver the vision, leadership, talent enrichment, and technology road map, that fully supports the corporate business strategies.
  • Lead several merger, acquisition, and conversion related IT initiatives.
  • Managed Big 6 level IT consulting engagements.
  • Proven outstanding ability to maximize the ROI of IT investment while exceeding scorecard goals.
  • Strong history of managing and leading complex projects.
  • Successfully lead very large global IT cost reduction initiatives.
  • Very successful at developing and executing multi-year IT plans and road maps

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